Creating passionate, independent learners.

The Birch School fosters independence, confidence & self-esteem in a supportive, collaborative environment. Our hands-on approach engages the whole child and emphasizes kindess and self & mutual respect.

Not a traditional school environment.

The Birch School values and respects each student and prepares them to be good problem-solvers, communicators, and citizens. Our flexible, personalized curriculum challenges, supports and inspires students to take risks in a safe environment, allowing them to reach for new heights knowing they can depend on teachers and peers.

⭐ Programs for ages 7 – 17 yrs
⭐ Strong customized curriculum
⭐ Empahsis on partnership, probelm-solving & respect for self & others
⭐ Enrichment programs include art, coding, Spanish, swimming & more
⭐ Incredible outdoor play area & natural green space
⭐ Small classes for lots of individual attention
⭐ Tuition assistance for qualifying families

Now enrolling in programs from Grade 2 through Grade 12

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Openings for children 7 to 17 years old

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The Birch School

Supporting families seeking options for their students, our focus is a holistic approach to learning, and our priority is to support child-led interests and activities. We help students become self-directed learners and offer resources to support and guide them. Individualized, customized curriculum and learning tools combined with authentic participation in community life form the core of the program.

The Birch School is now entering its seventh year, and has grown into a lively mixed-age learning community. We enjoy busy days in the sunny “green” building and spend time outdoors in the large yard and woods. Our students are ages 7 to 17.

We are developing a unique educational environment by putting cutting edge learning research into practice. Using 21st century tools and embracing agile attitudes, we promote collaboration and self-organization. Guided by ecological principles we strive to straddle the gap between nature and technology for young people growing up in times of rapid change and innovation.

It is with great excitement that we invite young people to engage in vibrant, creative and connected learning, supported by knowledgeable and caring mentors and teachers.

We strive to inspire children to pursue their interests, we provide targeted resources and structure for them to do so, and we help the child record the experience, in whatever form appropriate, for their portfolio.

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The Birch School is a learning alternative for youngsters in Orange County, New York and the Greater Hudson Valley. It is a nature-based educational program based on democratic principles. We serve students in Elementary, Middle School, through High School and Homeschoolers. We offer homeschooling support and assistance for families. We encourage child-led, child-centered, inquiry based and project based learning opportunities. We follow in the tradition of schooling which includes Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio Emilio. We are part of an international network of progressive schools, AERO, Alternative Education Resource Organization. We serve students from Goshen, Washingtonville, Campbell Hall, New Windsor, Cornwall, Newburgh, Walden, Montgomery, Maybrook, Pine Bush, Middletown, Blooming Grove, Warwick, Florida, Beacon, Haldane, Walkill, Gardiner, Orange County, Dutchess County, Sullivan County, and surrounding areas.

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A Little About Our Programs

Our school program currently serves students in grades 2- 12, from ages 7 – 17.
Our school program is divided into elementary school, middle school, and upper school.

The curriculum is individualized, with a foundation in age-appropriate natural history, geography and history, science, technology, math, literature, writing, music, and the arts.

Each student’s program is developed with the cooperation and partnership of each student, their parents, and teachers. Frequent communication and readjustment of program and goals when necessary ensure that students are progressing on the desired path.

The school coach, student, and parents work together to build a program around the student’s needs and interests and the available classes at the center.

A variety of resources and learning methods are available to students, and teachers and educational coaches work with individual students to identify and pursue the most appropriate method for the student and topic. Group classes, independent study, online learning, audio classes, open university classes, games, research, group projects, field trips, special guests and instructors, virtual field trips, interviews, simulations, project-based learning challenges, are just some of the possible sources of learning that students can choose to engage with.
Core subjects such as English, Science, Social Studies and foreign language are offered in a class format for students. Options are available for individual learning if desired.

Hear it from our parents!

The Birch School has allowed my children to be who they are. The public schools weren’t the right fit. Nice to know there are alternative schools, and teachers to help our children learn.

Shannon C.


My daughter could not block out the negative behavior in public school. She was an anxious mess. In just 6 months she is a completely different kid. She can be her authentic self with no social pressure. The teachers are genuinely kind people who are willing to mold to the learning needs of each child. Bravo Birch School, we are so grateful for you !

David M.


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